About us

We are an experienced brand that provides one-on-one swimming, water safety, playgroups and spa services, accompanied by Waterbabies 0-5 swimming certified trainers. Waterbabies, which is the first and only in its field in Turkey, offers swimming trainings in ozonated pools that enable the development of children aged 0-4, and playgroups suitable for their development every month.


• Swimming and water safety trainings for 0-4 years old.

• 15 months - 4 years Playgroups

• SPA floating is provided for all babies between the ages of 0-9 months, and it is aimed for babies to have a quiet and peaceful time.

Waterbabies Brand Purpose;

• Ensuring the continuation of innate swimming and breath-holding reflexes,

• To give them the ability to be in control in the water,

• Learning water safety at a very early age,

• To be able to hold their breaths consciously in water instead of relying on their breathing reflex.

• To be able to learn teamwork spirit and socialize

Our Founder (About Yasemin Doğurga)

• Trained in the USA in the feild of early childhood education and development and has been actively involved with children for 25 years.

• She is Turkey's only 0-5 year old baby swim instructor trainer.

• To date, she has trained more than 160 people and brought these trainers into the baby swimming sector.

• She franchised a swim school in Turkey and helped them open in 11 cities as a franchise manager.

• Now, she continues to work passionately as an instructor for 0-5 year old swimming instructors and is the founder of the Waterbabies brand.

Vision-Mission-Our Goals

Our vision;

• To ensure that our children live in peace with the sea by teaching our children water safety in our country, which is surrounded by seas on three sides.

• To contribute to the development of a smart, confident generation with our sensory and awareness lessons that start at an early age.

Our Mission;

• To ensure that babies overcome their fears of water that begin at an early age through water safety training.

• To ensure the sustainability of providing this training to all children in the 0-5 age group including children with special needs by our certified trainers

• To contribute to the intelligence and motor development of our children by starting sensory education between 0-3 years.

Our Goal:

• To introduce children to swimming across Turkey and create equal opportunities for all children

• Creating a network of investors who share our perspectives.

Our values

Why we are the most preffered centre for swimming education:

• We constantly research and educate ourselves to be more efficient.

• We evaluate and improve ourselves to provide a better service to our children. We bring together innovations and your demands with the right techniques.

• We empathize

• We know each child is unique and special

• We care about moral gain rather then material gain

• We seek efficiency

• We aim to grow the Waterbabies brand with people who support and share these values.